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Cancer is an illness that deeply affects the physical, psychological, social, and spiritual aspects of the human being. In order to optimize the healing process, we need to look at the immune system, at developing optimal nutrition including a careful choice of supplements, and supporting a healthy social and psychospiritual process. This approach, complementing expert mainstream advice, and working in partnership with your oncologist, constitutes the best integrative care
There are many crucial questions to consider. For example, should patients take antioxidant vitamins and herbs when receiving chemotherapy and radiation? Should women with breast cancer include soy in their diet? Which herbs and supplements are optimal for the immune system?

With Dr. Cantor’s guidance, we work to help you develop an individualized program, considering numerous issues that are vital and pertinent to your health. Nutrition, in addition to its effects on the immune system, can also affect the body's hormones. This can be very important in illnesses such as breast and prostate cancer. Many herbs and natural substances can inhibit the tumor's ability to form new blood vessels(angiogenesis). This can have the effect of limiting the nutrition available to the cancer, and potentially limiting it's growth.

Lastly, we believe, and studies suggest, that a social and psychospiritual program enhances how you feel, how your immune system functions, and positively influences your recovery and healing.

For additional assistance and in depth articles about integrative cancer care, please see our Integrative Cancer Consultants website.

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